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  • Rp 1.350.000 (Intermediate+)
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Our Instructor

About Our Instructor


Our chess instructors have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of chess game strategies and tactics, making them highly credible trainers for Indonesian junior chess players.


Our chess instructors are highly experienced in their field. They have been involved in various national and international chess tournaments, so they can provide an understanding of various effective chess playing styles and strategies.

Chess Camp Materials

What you'll learn

We have two level categories, Intermediate+ and Beginner, with interesting materials for each session. Here are the details of the materials for each category:

Intermediate & Advance Level
  • Session 1: Deadly Traps in The Opening
  • Session 2: How to Play Aggressively in The Opening
  • Session 3: Advanced Tactical Patterns
  • Session 4: Attacking Concepts in Chess
  • Session 5: Capablanca Endgame Rule
  • Session 6: Crucial Rook Endgame Principal
  • Practical Game & Analysis
Beginner Level
  • Session 1: Basic Principal in The Opening
  • Session 2: Simple Plan
  • Session 3: Mix Tactics
  • Session 4: Elementary Endgame
  • Session 5: How to Analyse Your Own Game
  • Practical Game & Analysis

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More about the materials

Find out more about the materials at Chess Camp in this video!

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